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Our mission is to provide children and youth ages 9 to High School with opportunities to develop good citizenship and college readiness skills through our programs. We are dedicated through our core values of developing a strong work ethic, personal discipline, honesty, and respect to inspire youth to make positive decisions throughout their lives. We are committed to help youth to embrace these core values as they are central to our programs and operations.


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The MSA Boys 17U team started the season unexpectedly slow, with several new additions to the team, going 1 - 5 after the first two tournaments. Our teams pressure defense, defensive rotation and free throw shooting was not consistent enough to allow us to close out close games as we should have. With increased focus on team defense, defensive rotation, FT shooting and finishing at the rim during practices, the team started to see the benefits as their efforts and focus started to transfer to the tournaments and victories started to flow. Team chemistry significantly improved along with the maturity and development of each player, which allowed each player to have a significant role in winning the Father's Day Shootout Tournament in Kenosha, WI. Game 1 of this tournament went double over-time showing great composure by the team to step up their defense to come away with the victory. Game 2 was another over-time game where the team showed great maturity and unselfishness in making the extra pass for a great shot and not settling for a good shot, which ultimately secured the victory on a lay-up with time running out. The final game was another thriller as the team was challenged by a very athletic Chicago team. The players understanding the need to attack the basket and for everyone to fight for a rebound was never more paramount during the season. As a layup rolled of the rim, our players fought for position getting the rebound and made the layup as the buzzer sounded after the ball left the players hand.

This was a great way to end the 2014 AAU season not just by winning the games, but by the development of each player and the beautiful display of team basketball in our final tournament.

Finishing the last two tournaments 6 - 2 is a complete turnaround from our poor start and is a true testament to the development of each player and the coming together as a team.

As the players enter the 2014 - 2015 school year, it is our expectation that each one will continue to work on the aspects of their games that require the most work and to improve overall as a player allowing them a great opportunity to not only make their high school varsity team, but to be a major contributor to their high school team.

We wish them all much success at Larkin (Charles Saunders), Barrington (Robbie Love), South Elgin (Joseph Mason and Jeremy Jenkins) and Bartlett High School (Ben Reyes, Tyler Pauletti, Ben Johnson, Tony Ryan, Tyler Gennusa, Zack Stewart and Jason Hasenberg), respectively.